Youth Engagement Service

Youth Engagement Service @ Ourspace

Youth Engagement Service @ OurSpace


YES: Youth Engagement Services, based in Waterloo Place is funded by the Public Health Agency.  YES is for Young People throughout the Derry City area to access services and programmes which promote positive mental health, physical health and wellbeing within the one physical space. 

Overall the Youth Engagement Services, aims to provide a safe haven for young people to access education, advice and support services on any issues they may be facing without fear of prejudice, judgement or exploitation. 

One of the key features of YES is partnership, working in collaboration with already established agencies to provide programmes which improve the emotional and physical well being of all young people aged 11 – 25.  Programmes such as 5 steps to well being, personal and social development, physical activity and music/arts sessions.

Please contact Claire for more information:

Young people can get advice and support on a range of issues from relevant services both on-site and off-site with the support of staff at YES @ OurSpace